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By straightening the hanger and twisting a small catch at the conclusion, you can create a long ample resource for almost all drainpipes.Push the hangar in as deep as possible and poke inside and outside repeatedly up until the block is cleared.Applies to: · All companies whether public or private · Contract for underwriting subscription of any shares in or debentures of the company · Oral Contracts, if it can be proved by circumstantial evidence · Contract for sale, purchase, supply of any goods, materials or services in which a director or any person connected with a director in any ways mentioned in sub section (1) of Section 297 is interested It does not apply to: · Giving or taking of loan · Contract in respect of immovable goods · Contracts between two public companies · Contract for employment of a director or managing director or whole-time director · Contract for employment of relative of a director · Contract entered into by the company with a dealer on a principal to principal basis · Professional service of the nature given by firms of solicitors and advocates etc.

It may sometimes happen that directors of the company may have some interest in the contracts entered into by the companies.

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24AA at the Board meeting in which contract is approved.

Or if, he is not present at that meeting, he should disclose his nature of interest at the first Board meeting after he becomes interested.

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